Benefits of Using We Transfer Alternatives

Benefits of Using We Transfer Alternatives

We transfer is a cloud-based sharing platform where you can send so many files up to 20GB per month. wetransfer alternative are files used by professionals working in the digital marketing sector, online businesses, etc. It is managing continuously and sharing all types of files over the Internet both by Emails and digital platforms. This process is 100% efficient and you can send files up to 25MB and the free version is allowed up to 2GB per day. You can use the platform through your Google account or if you are having a Google Drive, then transferring virtually is also possible.

The free version is the best because you don’t have to pay any money for using it and you can send files to up to 20 recipients by acknowledging a receipt in the mail account just the way you have certified it. The service does not exceed 2 GB in weight.

Advantages of Using We Transfer

Now, the wetransfer alternative platform comes with so many advantages of its own. Some of them are:

  1. Advertising your business on the wallpapers

Advertising of business is so important and when you are doing it on the wallpapers, then everyone can see it. There are so many brands like Netflix, Nike, etc. who have already used these advertisements on their business wallpapers. And the more active users you have on your platform, the more you can showcase your business.

It creates eye-appealing and attractive wallpapers that are given to the files while the files are getting loaded currently.

  1. Immediate uploading of files

You can receive or send files instantly by uploading and sending the items. It is used for directly sending large documents by using the printer, publishers, or collaborator for the same. And you don’t have to wait for sending your files at all, because this work will be done in seconds. Even if you want to send 10Gb, you can do it in seconds.

  1. No creation of account

The difference between this cloud platform and others is that you don’t have to make an account here. It doesn’t need any action for downloading or receiving any files. You can send files easily without any account creation.


Use this platform for sending files easily and quickly and all works of your business will be completed faster.

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