What is the business model of Fortnite?

What is the business model of Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular series of the game. The most common games that fall under the umbrella of Fortnite games are Fortnite: save the world which is a recent version and Fortnite: Battle Royale which is an old version. The game’s save the world version was released in the year July 2017 and it is a paid version. There were rumors that a free version of the game would be released but it is still not available.

The Fortnite game can be played by creating an account. You can even buy an account from sells-accounts-fortnite.com. in the game of Battle Royale, there are 100 players that are dropped into an island that is storm torned and there they fight, survive or build their way through a map that is shrinking so that they are the last one that remains.

You can play this game on consoles, mobile phones as well as on PS4 of Sony, Nintendo’s NTDOY switch device, and MSFT Xbox one of Microsoft. This game is watched, played, and discussed obsessively by celebrities, teenagers as well as athletes. That is the marketing method used by Fortnite to make money in spite of being free to play the game.

Many shooting games in the market have gained popularity such as ATVI call of duty that attempts to mimic real-life action with graphic violence. But this game is distinct because it has comic mischief and is a customizable game. In the game of victory royale, players compete with one another while in the save the world version they team up together and play.

About the game Fortnite battle royale:

It is free to play the game, but you can make some in-game purchases in order to get access to skins and dance moves and accessories and outfits too. You can even buy accounts of Fortnite using sells-accounts-fortnite.com.

70% of the players make these purchases in spite of the fact that these additions do not give any benefit to them. But Fortnite creates a feeling of urgency amongst the players by giving them access to in-app purchases for a limited period. You can make these purchases using the game currency which is known as V-bucks.

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