Pistol conversion kit

Pistol conversion kit

Adding a butt plate to a pistol is certainly nothing new: the long stock pistols in use since the 17th century sometimes had attachment points for adding a butt plate that turned them into short muskets, and guns like the Mauser C96 and the “Artillery” model Luger had wooden holsters that served as butt pads while, in more modern times, some manufacturers have made polymer butt pads for the Glock Micro Conversion Kits

Accessories such as the K-Pos from FAB Defense, the Roni from CAA and the Triarii from Hera, however, do more than just add a stock to the pistol: they provide a foregrip for additional stability, Picatinny rails for mounting sights optics, tactical flashlights and other accessories, allow you to mount silencers where these are permitted by law, have compartments for spare magazines and more

These tools were predominantly developed in Israel and adopted, under certification by state law enforcement agencies, as equipment for private and semi-private security agencies.

Given that civilians are not allowed to own submachine guns and gun laws in Israel are extremely restrictive, many argue that the shells are nothing more than a workaround to get around these legal problems and that their usefulness in a country like Israel Italy, where semi-automatic versions of machine pistols are permitted, is void.

Quite simply, it’s not like that. While a semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine or semi-automatic version of a machine pistol has several advantages over a conversion system, there are also several advantages to choosing the latter over the former.

Micro Conversion Kits

First of all, it doesn’t count as a weapon.

Given that the law limits the number of weapons that can be owned, the conversion allows you to have both a rifle and a pistol for the cost of a single space in the complaint.

Plus, both weapons can be had for a fraction of the purchase price of a semi-auto PM.

There are also various operational advantages, much more relevant than those of a legal and economic nature, which are important.

First of all, although it is still necessary to train in the use of the long gun to use a conversion effectively, the fundamental operations are the same as for the pistol, making learning considerably easier.

Furthermore, you still have the pistol at your disposal, and you can therefore train in the use of long and short with the exact same weapon. In addition, security personnel carrying a shell with an inserted sidearm and an identical sidearm as a backup can use the same magazines for both sidearms (for example, using a Glock 17 in the shell and a 19 as a back-up).

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