How Pods Might Be the Next Big Thing?

How Pods Might Be the Next Big Thing?

Electronic cigarettes continue to be a rage all over the world, and with the advent of social media, this has only inflamed the cause. Gone are the days when one would be making rolls on their own using tobacco, e-cigarettes truly herald in a new era. พอต are what they are called affectionately, and are available not just in a wide array of flavours but skins as well. Pods have circumvented the sphere of being just another leisure element to becoming an extension of someone’s personality and their form of messaging.

What has been the main reason behind their steady climb to popularity?


Since they were introduced in 2003, พอต have become a staple lifestyle choice for many. Starting with 7 million users during 2011, this number has steeply climbed to 68 million as per the latest data. Some cite that this success could be contributed to the targeted marketing campaigns that took place. They mainly play off the fact that they are safer than conventional smoking without cutting back on the whole experience of it. Some of the reasons why vaping has become so popular could be traced back to anti-smoking laws across places. Most believe that the health hazards posed by vaping are far less serious and they come in a variety of fun flavours, something which gained the attention of many.

They are most popular amongst young adults for whom this has come about to be a sign of individuality. The conventional society also views vaping in a far less stern light. If you want to buy a vape for yourself then the best places would be available online with a wide variety of design elements that you can choose from. Apart from that, they are also cheap and get delivered straight to the door. Many of them are also customizable with your flavour and you can choose what you want. If you know someone who enjoys this, then gifting them one would be a great idea as well. Check out the offerings online for some of the best options out there.

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