The different types of holsters that are used

The different types of holsters that are used

Your gun holsters play the important role of providing you safety, accessibility, and security. It has to help you to hold your firearm successfully so that it does not drop anywhere and it is maintained in the controlling position at all times. But at the same time, the best kydex holster also has to be safe from triggering with any kind of accidental contact. But now, every holster is not right for all kinds of situations. There are many types and you need to choose the one that best fits the situation you are in. The holsters for shooting in the competition are so different from the regular ones. Some of the various types are listed as under:

The different types of holsters that are used

  1. Concealed carry holsters

Concealed carry holsters help in keeping your firearms safe and secure for use only at the time of emergencies. A holster shirt stands to be ideal at this point as it allows you to reach your gun quickly and minimizes the risk of printing. The best kinds of these holsters are:

  • Pocket holsters
  • Shoulder holsters
  • Ankle holsters, etc.
  1. EDC holsters

When you are using holsters in your everyday life, you need to maintain everything in the process. You must be able to reach out to the gun anytime you need it and naturally when you are reaching it, you should get a holster that is easy for you to reach. You need practice for taking out this holster as muscles always need practice.

  1. Competition holsters

The best kydex holster also falls under a similar category and it is all about the shooting competitions. The drawing of the same is so flexible and comfortable that these holsters are loved by all. It helps you in removing all your opponents in no time. Some of the types are:

  • A holster with thigh rig
  • A holster pouch attached to the kit
  • If you are shooting for a 3-gun competition, then the need is so different from the others.

How to choose the holster that you need?

  1. Determine the place where the holster will be placed and see if it is comfortable for you.
  2. Decide whether you want a plastic, nylon or leather holster where each holster has pros and cons but it depends on the mission you are choosing
  3. Figuring out for which level you want. There are Level 1, Level II, and Level III retention and depends on what you want.

As far as holsters do their job, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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