The Best SVG Animation Platform for Developers

The Best SVG Animation Platform for Developers

Calling all Art and Designs enthusiasts who are looking for an animator tool. I got the most beginner-friendly tool for you. Introducing SVGator. SVGator is an easy-to-use online animation maker app that does not need any expertise in coding. There’s no software or a plug-in for uploading an online all-in-one app. A single animated SVG file with a clean CSS code exported.  This is suitable for programmers and developers who like involving themselves. In SVG animations on the web instead of other animation formats. Thus, there is no need to have an overview of how this whole process works. With custom softening functions and step-end animations, you can make the animation smoother. It’s the simplest way to create animated SVG.

SVGator features

  • Interactive SVG.

Conversion speeds and the total time spent on a website would increase. By setting the SVG to start at hover, press, or scroll. You can let viewers activate animated illustrations and icons.

  • Move on Path.

During a switch, location keyframes determine the route an entity takes on the screen. By moving this line in a certain direction, you can bend the road. With this, cubic Bezier curve and with two easy-to-use handles, you can change it how you wish.

  • Morph Animation.

By adding the Morph animator to the timeline. Choose the Node tool to alter the location of the points on the path. While changing the timing of the timeline keyframes. Makes it easy to animate shape.

  • Animated Icons.

Advanced functionality, including Morphing, Direction, or Filter animation. Also, immersive export options, such as animating the select or hover button.

  • Logo Animation.

 SVGator is a popular app for animated logo creators online. There’s no need to install something on your computer. Anywhere you want, you can store, edit, or launch new logo animations. The framework can make it simple for you to create awesome effects for your business logo.

  • Vector Animation.

It comes with an interface for drag and drop. Including the most advanced vector animation tools. It makes it easier to construct animations with self-drawing, morph, color, or filter.

Get it for an affordable Price

With free use for starters. You have up to three new projects a month with 10 seconds timeline and basic animators. The lite version is great for planned projects. For $7 a month, you have 5 new projects every single month. With a timeline that ranges up to a minute. This also includes basic and advanced animator options. If you want to step up your game, avail for professional use or the pro mode of SVGator. All features are available for use. With unlimited use of projects and a timeline up to a max of 5 minutes. All these will be available for you to use for only $12 a month.

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