We make the record of the visit and would store the information in our database and it includes: your server information with detailed address, the information being accessed in our website by you, list of previous sites being visited by you, search engine being used to reach us, and type of browser has been used by you at the same time.

The company will not try to identify the visitors and however, the laws and regulations imposed by the government would able to identify the visitor if it predicts to access the log files of the company at any point of time. This would help in avoiding any kind of hacking of information present in the website.

Related to the disclosure of the information, the company would be collecting the email address only if you send the message or submit the inquiry on our contact page of the website. However, the email address of the customer would be maintained in a secure manner such that it would not be disclosed to any other person. The email address will not be added to the mailing list of the company to send any kind of unwanted emails or messages during any point of time.

We advise customers to be aware of the risk of information being experienced with the help of internet services. The website will be using cookies and cookies will not be employed by the same website as well. Such cookies will be associated with the kind of search engine being used by the customers. Also, the statistics being gained by the website are provided in the blogs and this would help in understanding better about the company and kinds of services provided to the customers. They own statistical information or data of the visitors or hackers at all period of time.