You did go to the law school & clerked for the Judge during summers. You got your dream job in a big firm downtown. You also studied for as well as passed your bar exam. You are practicing lawyer! Now you will find yourself standing in the courtroom, and peering through window at an intimidating figure in a black robe, and wondering why you thought it was the good idea. No matter whether you are the family attorney or criminal lawyer, the practice business law and represent condominium associations, in some point during the legal career above scenario may present itself. Thus, what will you do? Let us look at five top things that may help you out:

  1. Prepare yourself. There is not any defense like the good offense. If it’s the first time in your court, you may not do a lot of preparation. I do not care if you’re there for the scheduling hearing or opposing party isn’t going to be there. There always is a chance that Judge may ask you some question about your case. Situation you want to avoid being the practicing lawyer doesn’t know any answer to such question. For this reason, you are nervous at a first place. Know the case or know the client.
  2. Dress your part. Likely you know many days, weeks and months beforehand of the first courtroom appearance. Did your suit pressed or dry clean, and it is accessible for the day. You have to look & feel your best, and that also for two important reasons. Firstly, you are confident knowing you look very good. Secondly, others can see you or know you are the lawyer. They may look up on you, and see you equal, as well as respect you’re in a courtroom as it is your work.
  3. Stay polite. You need to introduce yourself to Judge’s law clerk. You need to make the small talk with deputy. Not just this will make it likely that they may want to assist you out, but it can take the mind off nerves as well as make you very less apprehensive. You might also get good tips of when the Judge wants the criminal lawyer to talk, and where Judge wants divorce lawyer to stand while examining the witness, and whatever else you may know.

First Appearance in the Court

  1. Keep in mind that Judge is person too. Jude is intimidating as they are accomplished, respected, as well as sitting over you in the black robe & with complete authority. However, try and picture Judge as the colleague or friend, somebody that you will have the conversation with. You may rest assured that Judge has the life outside courtroom, like you do.