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How to choose a mobile app developer?

How to choose a mobile app developer?

The usage of mobile phones has increased in these recent times and people regardless of their age own a mobile phone. We can simply say that mobile devices have become the everyday companion of everyone in this world. After the invention of the internet, much has developed in every field and thus people are also updating based on the technology.

These days we are using mobile phones for not only calling and messaging purposes, one can do anything and everything with it. You can book your train or bus tickets with your phone, order anything online which includes, dress, cosmetics, accessories, books and even food these days. At first, there were only websites to do all these things but one, we have applications and your mobile is filled with all various applications.

Even you can have your own application for your business, thus it can reach more people and many will use it. Once you have decided to develop a mobile application, the first thing that you have to do is selecting a reliable mobile application developer in Singapore. Some of the things that you have to consider before selecting a developer for building your application are as follows:

mobile app

  • Knowing experience – The first point that you have to pay attention to before choosing a developer for mobile applications is, knowing their reputation. It is good to go for one which has several years of experience in developing applications for several services.
  • Checking their portfolio – It is good to go through their previous works so that you will be able to select one which can achieve what is in your mind. It is easy to go through their past projects, as you can find them on the websites of mobile apps developing or building services.
  • Up-to-date technology – Since the change is inevitable, you have to rely on one who can adapt to any change. You must go for one who uses the latest tools and equipment to build your android or IOS application.
  • Cost factor – Another one thing that you should not compromise is the quality of the application. You must receive a high-quality design and it should not cost you more. You have to consider one who can offer a good application at an affordable price.

Thus, you can get a developer who can build an application for your service. You do not need to worry; your application will surely reach the hearts of more people.

How corona started to spread?

How corona started to spread?

For the past few months, the word corona virus is heard everywhere all over the world. The virus started to spread from Wuhan market, China. It is now spreading worldwide. World health organization has flagged this virus spread as a global health emergency. Usually WHO will not declare this kind of emergency announcements. Corona is a group of virus. The family of corona has different viruses and one from that group is named as 2019-nCOV. 2019-nCOV is the virus that is spreading worldwide now.

How is corona virus spreading this faster? Is there any cure for this virus? If medicines have to be invented for this virus, how will the scientist be able to invent one? In a nutshell, this article will explain it further in this article.

In general, corona virus recovery medicines can be invented through the use of the concerned virus genetic data. Scientists usually use a virus genetic data to invent medicine. Before understanding further about corona virus preventive or recovery medicine invention, we should know about virus in general.

In our day to day life, there is more number of viruses found surrounding us. Those viruses are referred as microbes or microorganisms. These microbes also include bacteria, fungi and so on. The viruses found in the corona family were affecting animal and birds. Later, due to mutation, these viruses started to affect human beings.

Corona virus

We all might have known about SARS virus which spread after mutation. Corona virus is also happening in the same way like SARS. The virus started to mutate from animals and now it is affecting humans.

What is mutation?

The genetic factor of virus has either DNA or RNA. When there is any change, the virus will attain new abilities. One such ability is to spreading through air. While spreading through air, it affects both human and animals.

Virus does not have the capability to affect either living or non living characteristics. It stays with both the characteristics. When the virus stays with non living thing, it will not react. But when the virus gets into the body, it starts to attack the cells in our body. Later with the help of cells mechanism, it multiples in cells and destroy it. The mutated virus growth in body will result in destroying huge human cells. In certain period, it destroys a lot of cells within fraction of time. This is a brief scenario of how corona virus started to spread. To get more updates on corona virus, navigate to

All about Free Dating

All about Free Dating

Almost all online dating sites offer free dating services, but is it really free? Usually these dating sites allow you to publish your profile with thousands of other people. You can also chat with other people on the site via email, instant messages and forums. However, most of the additional features of these dating sites come at a cost. If you want to use these features, you will be asked to upgrade your account or pay for a subscription. This is not like a free date.

Real free dating gives you freedom.

Free meetings allow you to communicate with potential and interesting romantic couples and friends without having to pay a commission only for searching the profile database. Free meetings allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies offered on the Internet. After all, online dating should be faster, easier, and better than traditional methods of finding a meeting.

Real free dating allows you to quickly find a partner

We all know how difficult it is to meet someone special who shares our interests and prospects. If you are not a gigolo or a bomb, finding a meeting, a special date can be very unpleasant. However, with free dating, it’s easier and faster to find your partner. There are innovative alternatives to traditional online dating sites: they allow you to find a potential romantic partner or friend without looking through hundreds of profiles in search of this special date.


Imagine a dating site that directly connects you to a community of single people looking for a romantic relationship on the Internet. You will not need to pay membership dues every month to continue using this service to meet new people. If you know the feeling when you are going to find this special person, read on. Free dating, which gives you the opportunity to find possible romantic dates without worrying about monthly rates and other troubles, has now become a reality.

Free dating opens up a whole new level in the world of online dating with its most interesting and popular technologies on the Internet. Now you can use fast and popular sites to find this romantic date interesting and exciting, as well as enjoy an easy way to meet a romantic couple and new friends. Improve your social life when you interact with people with the same interests.


You can instantly chat with your new friends and chat with a large dating community. In addition, dating sites offer complete security, privacy and security and give your romantic and social life a new spark.